Jackie & Andrew

A wonderful Italian Wedding Planner!

Claudia was such an incredible resource during the very long and frustrating process of planning a wedding during Covid. We were originally set to get married in Tuscany May 2020 ....this obviously proved impossible. Claudia was so calm / helpful / reassuring with all the stress and uncertainty that plagued the process of planning and scheduling and rescheduling etc. Claudia was flexible with every curveball that came our way - and she worked hard to ensure that all aspects of our wedding were executed without a hitch.
It would not have been possible for us to get married in Italy if it were not for Claudia. Truly. Planning a destination wedding in a country where you do not speak the language would have proved an impossible feat without her, and if that challenge alone didn't make us throw in the towel - COVID certainly would have caused us to cancel entirely. Aside from being an exceptional intermediary and translator between vendors (both leading up to and day of) - Claudia made the process of picking vendors delightful. She has worked with many of the best vendors across Tuscany and was able to present us with her list of best options for each need. We listened to her advice and recommendations and were blown away. The flowers, the band, the makeup, the photography (all of which will get their own separate glowing reviews) exceeded our highest expectations 10-fold. Claudia has valuable relationships with these vendors and she was so able to seamlessly organize them all to execute a perfect weekend for us this last September. Even more impressive was that Claudia wasn't just responsible for a single day - we had events Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that were all planned with Claudia. She handled an entire weekend of events and ensured each day / activity had a distinct and unique feel. I am not typically suited to give up the reigns of planning and managing - though with Claudia it was wonderful to know that I wasn't the only person on top of details, and to know that she is in expert in things I was only learning about for the first time. The value provided FAR exceeded what I imagined Claudia could do for us. We love her and are so grateful that she put up with us for nearly 3 years to pull of the greatest weekend of our lives!

Marco & Anna

Anna e Marco wedding

Claudia is a very good and conscientious wedding planner. She is available to attempt all her clients requests and she made our wedding better than we thought it could be.

Leonie & Stefano

The best organization for your wedding

From the begining of the planing of our wedding Claudia was always very suportive to help us find the right location. Due to her excelent organisation and planing skills we were always up to date what we would have to decide next and were in the planing process we are. She always found ways to include our special needs (vegan wedding menu, etc.) and had always our intrests at heart. Regarding the process on the wedding day we would not have imagined to have e better wedding planer because it really felt that we could just enjoy the evening without thinking one time of something to organize, which was wonderful. Thanks againg for all your hard work, it was really our dream wedding! :)

Melissa & Eugene

Best Wedding Planner Ever - Italian love story in the midst of a pandemic!
Where do I start, in the midst of a pandemic, we had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding in the Florence. Looking at world events today, I cannot believe that we were even able to have our wedding, not to mention flying out 90 guests from London, no-one catching COVID due to Claudia's diligence and safety precautions and us having the best day of our lives.  Claudia (CG Events) was nothing less than amazing, our wedding was originally scheduled June 4th 2020, but took place by nothing short of a miracle on September 20th 2020. We began our wedding planning journey in July 2019 where we flew to Florence to meet with Claudia and look at different venues, she was very knowledgable and held great relationships with all vendors. Just when we thought we had found our dream location, Claudia encouraged us to see just one more - Castello Il Palagio and we fell in love. It was super classic, romantic and surrounded in vineyards. We travelled back to Florence a second time in November, Claudia arranged a tight schedule which led to us picking caterers, lights, doing an engagement shoot with our amazing photographers Benni Carol. Claudia was so supportive and took us through every detail at our pace so we understood. Claudia consistently had our best interests at heart and took time to genuinely get to know us. Then the Pandemic hit - in this season, Claudia was truly and angel, without her this wedding would not have happened. I had high levels of anxiety, I lost hope and also lost a lot of weight, Claudia was constantly there to encourage and to reassure. Even when we decided to go ahead (July 2020) as it looked like things were improving, I still had my doubts but Claudia sprang back into action and had everything arranged perfectly. She even helped us arrange two events either side of the wedding day including a Pizza Party and a Pool party with speakers and great food! The day was perfect, we even had rain but that did not impact the schedule of events, Claudia had already thought of plan B and also planned so we could still maximise time outside. In the end the flow of the day was even better than we had imagine, ceremony in the garden, dinner in the marquee, cake and dancing in the courtyard. It was magical. I would highly recommend Claudia, not only is she talented and incredible at what she does but she also cares and is someone we are genuinely indebted to. 2020 was the year I had my heart set on for my wedding and it happened. Claudia, thank you for everything you did for us. We love you so much Melissa and Eugene Max Max-Macarthy x

Shannon & Adam

Trustworthy, responsive, reliable, great ideas, highly recommend!

We worked with C&G for our destination wedding in July. We had only been to Florence and the surrounding area once before (4 years ago -- and for just two days) but we knew we wanted an outdoor Italian-style wedding, though we had no idea how to make that happen. We found C&G online after extensive searching and were drawn to their aesthetic from looking at their Instagram. From our early conversations with Claudia, it was very clear that she was genuinely excited about her job and helping us plan our dream wedding. Our vision was very specific (family pizza party at a fancy venue) and it seemed that other companies that we had spoken to were either not comfortable with it or unwilling to try to make it a reality. Claudia never gave off this impression and in fact, found a venue, florist, caterer, and photographer that fit what we were looking for exactly. She would always send us multiple options to choose from and handled all of the vendor communication/management/booking/arranging for us.
We never went to Florence before the wedding. Claudia was the one who did the venue site visit and caterer tasting (having now had the wedding, we can assure you that she absolutely nailed it)... obviously this speaks to how fantastic of a planner she is. We had chosen the table arrangement based on photos online, but when Claudia went to see it in person she didn't think it fit our vision. She then recommended some changes and was absolutely correct. On the day of the wedding, Claudia transformed the venue beyond our wildest expectations. When we did the site visit with her a few days before the wedding, it was clear to us that she had a vision for what it was going to look like and how it was going to be. This took a lot of the pressure off of us. Everything went off without a hitch -- all of the vendors were on time and knew exactly what they needed to do. Claudia is sweet and kind, always happy, available whenever you need her, and completely trustworthy. We cannot recommend her enough -- you should absolutely work with her. Thank you Claudia!

Kristeen & Joslyn

A wonderful experience with two passionate and talented ladies!

Where do we start! Claudia and Giulia were like family! My husband and I got married at the beginning of April 2019 in Tuscany and these girls were our live-savers. Just to put things into perspective of how hard they worked, I was living in Miami and my husband in London during the ENTIRE time of our wedding planning. We visited Italy twice within that time, and the girls made sure to make our visits as productive as possible. They even helped with booking our engagement photography shoot in Florence and finding a wedding band for me in Italy! We came across C&G Wedding and Event Designer in our internet searches and were so lucky to have found them! They were with us every step of the way, from choosing a venue, to communicating with and confirming our vendors, and making sure everything was smooth the day of. Although the weather was not on our side for some events during our wedding weekend, they made sure to have a perfect plan b that both my husband and I were happy with. Not only all of that that, but our friends and families were so impressed by how sweet, professional, organized and thorough they were! They truly made our day memorable and special and took so much weight off of our shoulders during the planning process and the day of our wedding. Their flexibility with communication (especially with both of us being in different time zones) and attentiveness to detail really assured us that nothing would be overlooked. The photo attached is just a glimpse of how hard they worked, even more so every second the day of our wedding. The others are all the small and large details they helped us with that came our beautifully! Overall, we would be happy to work with them again and would never hesitate to recommend them to a couple looking to have their fairy tale dream wedding in Italy! We love you Claudia and Giulia! Thank you again!

Lauren & Josh

Simply amazing!

Claudia at C&G Wedding and Events is simply amazing! My husband and I got engaged in April, married in the States in June and held a symbolic ceremony and reception in Italy with 60 of our family and friends in October. While having a ceremony and reception overseas seemed daunting to us both, Claudia made the whole process, from inception to the wedding day, incredibly easy. She made us feel comfortable from the start, which was extremely important to us both since we were unable to meet vendors or visit the venues in person; Claudia enabled us to actually enjoy the process of planning the wedding and the weekend's festivities. Claudia is extremely organized, pays attention to the smallest of details and is one of the genuinely nicest people we have had the privilege to work with. She catered to our needs and worked tirelessly on the big day to ensure everything went smoothly, she even ran out on the day of to purchase bug spray for our guests! She was beyond flexible and always available to answer any questions we had; even with the time differences when we were still in the US. Words cannot express how thankful we are that we had the chance to work with Claudia, she truly is the best. If you are looking for someone to assist with planning your special day, I honestly cannot recommend Claudia highly enough.

Kristin & Greg

Claudia and Giulia are fantastic and we highly recommend them! Before we met with Claudia and Giulia, we had met with about a dozen Italian planners but none worked out so we were trying our best to plan our Tuscan wedding from California. It's no easy task, but once we Skyped with Claudia, we knew C&G was THE ONE and a lot of the stress melted away. Claudia and Giulia know a ton of venues and vendors, they're incredibly responsive and stay on top of your planning without prompting, they genuinely care to understand and execute your vision (in our case, even better than we imagined), and they are sensitive to your budget. I think best of all though is that they're genuinely kind people who work hard and take pride and joy in their work. We found no other planners in the area who even came close to C&G in all of these important aspects, so for us it was a no brainer and we believe it will be for you, too! More details: We found Claudia and Giulia (9 months before our wedding) and it was a game changer. Claudia spent close to an hour and a half with us on Skype asking about how my husband and I met, why we wanted to get married in Italy, the vision for our wedding, etc. She and Giulia know so many different vendors and would tailor their recommendations to our liking. In the rare instances when we weren't keen on the initial vendors proposed, we asked for more and C&G kept looking until we found someone within our budget and vision. They also were willing to negotiate with 1 of our vendors to bring down pricing just a bit so it fit within our budget. Availability. Claudia and Giulia are available whenever you need them -- if you message them, you will never go more than a few hours without hearing from them (even with a 9 hour time difference!). We communicated regularly via Skype, WhatsApp (the best), and email. This is particularly crucial the last 4-6 weeks leading up to the wedding. There were days we chatted via WhatsApp on and off for several hours about final details, etc. And to this day we are still talking with them about our wedding photos and videos, making minor tweaks to our music selections, etc. They don't just suddenly drop off after the wedding, which is huge to us. But they are also respectful of space. There were times where, over the course of a few weeks, we were just too busy and didn't get to the task they asked us about. In these situations, they would never push, just gently follow up. Cost. CG Wedding was more affordable than virtually every other reputable planning company we found and especially looking back at just how much they manage. We tipped them on our wedding day because they were so fantastic and really deserved it. Oh, and Claudia saved us additional cost by officiating our wedding! Cultural Differences. There are some cultural differences between American and Italian weddings that C&G handled well. For example, the reception and dinner last longer than in the states, so we had extra lighting planned. Also, when you get a quote with pictures, it doesn't necessarily mean you will get the exact item you see -- you will get something close to it (for us it was the florist's proposed tabletop lanterns). This was totally new to me and threw me for a loop, but I worked with Giulia and Claudia in approving the final selection and the lanterns looked amazing! In closing, we highly recommend C&G Wedding. They put in a lot of time, energy, and thoughtfulness to make our day absolutely incredible. When we scroll through our wedding photos and watch our wedding video now, I am stunned at how gorgeous it turned out and how smoothly the day went. Thank you, Claudia and Giulia! We love you!

Shannyn & Mark

I don’t know where to start...
We were pretty nervous about having an international wedding and didn’t know what to expect with the whole wedding planner experience. Claudia & Giulia were recommended to me by a friend in Tuscany who heard good things about them. After speaking with them for the first time, we immediately began to feel more comfortable. Throughout the entire process, they were both incredibly responsive & comforting. There were many times that they recommended something that we were unsure of, but they asked us to trust them, and we are so happy that we did. There was literally nothing that we would have changed about Claudia, Giulia, or the wedding. They devoted so much time and energy towards making us feel special that I could never began to thank them. We decided that we wanted to do our engagement photos in Venice and the two of them dropped everything they were doing to come with us 3+ hours away! I could go on and on, but if I could say one thing to anyone reading this review, it’s that IF you are having any reservations about having your wedding in Italy or about which wedding planners to use, I can tell you with 100% confidence that you will make one of the best choices of your life by choosing to use Claudia & Giulia. The best part of the entire process though, has been gaining two new lifelong friends.

Ana & Gustavo

Quando conhecemos a Claudia e a Giulia não tivemos dúvida de que elas seriam as pessoas certas para nos ajudarem no dia de nosso casamento. Super profissionais e organizadas, elas nos passaram tranquilidade em relação a cada detalhe que precisávamos resolver. Sempre alinhando todos detalhes com e-mails e mensagens, foi um trabalho em conjunto que não poderia ter dado mais certo! Foi tudo perfeito! Quando precisamos, elas também sugeriram fornecedores incríveis, totalmente de acordo com nosso gosto! Conseguiram captar nossa essência e no dia da festa não tivemos que nos preocupar com nada, estava tudo resolvido e correndo perfeitamente. A tranquilidade de que seu casamento acontecerá do jeito que deve ser, do jeito que você planejou, não tem preço. Elas foram muito elegantes e muito queridas ao longo de todo processo de organização e planejamento. Em nenhum momento sentimos preocupação ou stress em relação ao dia do casamento, conseguimos curtir ainda mais o dia por elas estarem nos ajudando e tudo foi muito tranquilo. Adoramos o trabalho da C&G Wedding and Event Designer! As meninas são demais e já estamos com saudades delas, elas são pessoas muito queridas e com toda certeza cuidarão do seu dia com todo carinho do mundo!

Kayla & Anthony

I can’t recommend C&G Wedding and Event Designer enough. Claudia and her team made my Tuscan wedding dreams come true. I gave her 100% of my trust because I am from Texas and we planned my ENTIRE wedding over the phone and email! Claudia broke down all of my options every step of the way and took it one thing at a time. She made this process so stress free! Claudia was available to call, text and email me whenever I needed her and she always had an answer or solution to whatever I needed. She has so many connections to amazing vendors and can provide you with anything you need. My wedding was a fairytale! Everything turned out exactly how I wanted! Claudia was such an advocate for me on my wedding day as well. She took care of every last detail and made sure my vision came to life. She is so kind and her presence just gives you comfort as a bride. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Susie & Rich

It almost 2 weeks since our wedding and we are still so grateful to Claudia and Giulia for making it such a perfect day. C&G were so helpful from the very first time we met them a year ago, they always responded promptly, gave fantastic ideas and were very well organized. They really understood us, our ideas and helped us to create the wedding we wanted. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for closing the miles between Bermuda and Italy and helping us plan our destination wedding in Italy and making it such a special year for us. All our love Susie & Rich. (Aka Mr & Mrs Howells) xxxxx

Ashley & Erik

Claudia and Giulia were amazing! Thanks to them the wedding of my dreams came to fruition. They work with the best vendors and listened to all my requests. The day of they even made sure I had time for myself! Most important they were there for me through the entire process! Couldn’t have gotten everything done without them. They are two truly lovely women.

Erica & Diego

Claudia and Giulia will follow you in every step of your big day preparation, they will be your guardian angel during the wedding, helping you in the phase of planning, organising and directing the wedding. We are grateful for their support and we want to thank them again for being such a great wedding planners :) keep rocking girls!

Serena & Emanuele

Abbiamo conosciuto C&G solo a preparativi ben avviati..ed é stato un vero piacere! Disponibilità, dedizione e tanta voglia di fare rendono il loro lavoro prezioso. Un grazie speciale a Claudia che ci ha seguito da vicino!!! Un abbraccio enorme e fortissimo ad entrambe da parte nostra! Sere&Manu

Letizia & Enrico

We've juest married! The 14th of July was an incredible day thanks to Giulia and Claudia. We did our wedding in Basilica dell'Impruneta and then in Villa le Corti in San Casciano Val di Pesa. Even if we were a lots of people (more than 250!) Giulia made everything perfect. Everything goes well: the big aperitivo in the garden, the letters with our initial, the soap bubbles magician, the dinner with the stunning table setting made with Catering and Florist, the dj for the music and the cocktail specialist. Giulia and Claudia had thousen of things to do and they did all very well. the timing of Aperitivo, dinner, music, people, was perfecty made thanks to their assistence. I cannot be happier then this with those 2 girls. I'm really suggesting C&G because they are really well prepared, they know all the supplier and made your day really special with a lots of nice suggestions...
Congratulations Giulia and Claudia for your work!

Giulia - SDB

Volevo ringraziarvi personalmente per la splendida serata di sabato! La serata è stata un successo e pensare che l’abbiamo creata insieme, dal nulla, passo dopo passo ci deve rendere davvero orgogliose e felici.

 Vi auguro un buon Natale e soprattutto un 2018 ricco di successi e soddisfazioni.

Un abbraccio grande 


Maddalena & Luca

Idee originali e di classe, studiate su misura per l'interlocutore! È incredibile come, nonostante siano giovanissime, queste due ragazze abbiano già l'esperienza necessaria a rendere speciale ogni evento e soprattutto l'attenzione per i dettagli che possono rendere una cerimonia ben organizzata decisamente unica. A parer mio, il merito non è solo della competenza professionale ma anche del genuino interesse umano che hanno per la felicità dei propri clienti. E si vede!!!
Grazie a entrambe per il vostro aiuto!!

Serena & Tommaso

Fonti preziose di ispirazione, sempre disponibili e, soprattutto, capaci, fattive e concrete! Le consiglierei a chiunque!

Elisa & Filippo

Professionalità, flessibilità e gentilezza... queste le caratteristiche che più ci hanno colpito da Claudia e Giulia nel organizzazione del nostro matrimonio. Senza di loro ci saremmo sentiti persi e spaesati, invece grazie alla loro presenza mai assillante ci hanno aiutato a gestire alla perfezione tutte le tempistiche dell' organizzazione in maniera perfetta. L'ottima riuscita del nostro matrionio la dobbiamo sicuramente a loro!!